We build more than structures. We develop communities that enhance everyday living.

Atharra Primeland Development Corporation was established in 2018, with the focus of specializing in vertical real estate developments.

A proud homegrown company in the province of Bohol where economy, business and tourism is propitious.

Our company is a true reflection of our home and core market – arising and promising.


Atharra Primeland aims to make Bohol the prime location for growth and real estate development by creating communities with highly-decent quality of life.

Our company envisions to be a leader in the real estate industry, recognized for our vigorous synergy, leadership, and innovation.


We aim to realize our vision through following efforts:


  • To develop real estate projects such as residential, accommodation, commercial and office spaces that cater to mid-upper markets;
  • To widen the company’s opportunities through its strong partnerships and joint ventures;
  • To be a good corporate citizen by abiding the proper laws, rules and regulations together with our stakeholders and communities;
  • To establish preeminent corporate governance that emphasizes on transparency, accountability, security and synergy;
  • To protect the welfare of our people; our primary and secondary stakeholders and;
  • To deliver outstanding service and positive economic, social and environmental impact.


Atharra Primeland builds more than structures, we develop communities that enhance everyday living.

A person’s way of living is beyond the corners of a home. We work, develop and deliver opportunities for them to elevate their way of living, their spaces for creativity and productivity and for them to be able to treasure new experiences.

Simultaneously, we thrive for the purpose of growth and expansion by leveraging our best assets and by the dynamism of our corporate body.

Board of Directors

Alfonso R. Damalerio II


Darrel S. Digal