Software Development

PGBH – US “Docu Generator Module”

Generation of Voucher, OBR and PAAS to Offices


PGBH – US Accounting “Receiving Module”

Module where receiving of Documents of PACCO happens.



Our latest form of developing an Info System/Websites.
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Budget Tracking System- budget releasing system


Disbursement System – disbursement


Property Records and Inventory System


eProcurement-upload attachments

Digitalization of procurement / payment process to meet transparency, competitiveness, streamlined, accountability and public monitoring.

Report Viewer (Accountant’s Advice)


Report Viewer 2 (PTO Reports)



Human Resource Information System is a system which consists of tracking existing employee data which traditionally includes personal histories, skills, capabilities, accomplishments and salary. It includes the payroll, time and attendance, appraisal performance, recruitment and online leave application.
Created by: Rio Greg Buscato


The site development initiative is strongly supported by other industry development partners, including the Office of the Provincial Veterinarian and other National Government Agencies.These institutions are dedicated to provide agriculture information and services available in the province of Bohol catered to farmers, fisher folks, investors, clienteles and other interested individuals seeking facts or data over the global network.

Financial Management Information System (FMIS)

Financial information system are designed to aid sound fiscal management relevant to effective dispersal of funds, enhanced revenue and promoting government transparency.
Created by: Mart Rey Borromeo


Financial Transaction Tracking System is an online application module designed to track financial claims from receiving to releasing procedures of the Provincial Accountant’s Office.


A system designed to achieve a prompt and accurate recording of financial transaction in the books of accounts, up to date, complete and relevant financial reports for management decision-making, and ensured compliance with the regulatory requirement.


Preparation of Annual and Supplemental Budgets of the PGBH. Processing of claims for obligation using e budget system (Payrolls, vouchers, purchase orders)